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Leading research and conception of animal identification systems for 20 years.


Fever Check

The thermal identification chip that monitors your pet's temperature

The first animal injectable chips appeared in the ‘90s. Back then, using their experience in radio frequency electronics (Ortdicam R&D), our Realtrace founders developed a range of scanners for contactless chip reading while working in close collaboration with transponder manufacturers.

Since 1996, when ISO certification standardised the use of these high-tech products, the chips have considerably evolved. While the base concept has stayed the same — the recording of a unique identification number in the chip — the overall size has significantly diminished. The bio-glass cylinder housing the chip now measures just 1.2mm (down from 2.2mm) while the chip is less than 0.7mm2.

As leaders in the development of these scanners, Realtrace has worked hard to lower product costs so that these are now 10 times less than 20 years ago.

Realtrace is at the forefront of technology innovation. Vaccination records in the chip (Australia), a Bluetooth reader (2004), mobile phone communicating readers, free Android and iOS apps, mobile configurable databases, biodegradable plastic injectors, and Bluetooth medals for cats and dogs are just a few examples of the ingenuity and passion that inspires our team.

seringue injection puce identification temperature atria realtrace

Innovation, agility and understanding our partners needs are the foundation of our business.


Fever Check

The RFID thermal identification chip measures your pet's temperature. Thanks to the reader, which knows your pet's reference temperature, you are immediately alerted if he has a fever.


Photo d'une seringue et d'un chat prêt à l'implantation d'une puce

Using  the most advanced technologies, Realtrace designs and manufactures electronic animal identification devices, contactless readers and information management programs.


Photo d'un homme sur son smartphone, dans la nature avec son chien

Realtrace has developed the European animal identification database GoBack. With the GoBack BT and QR medals, a simple Bluetooth reading or QR scan can immediately identify a lost animal and its owners.