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The Company

Who we are

Since the creation of Realtrace in 2003, more than 3 million transponders and over 60,000 readers  have been sold worldwide. In 2019, export sales represented close to 65% of our annual turnover.

Our RFID readers are designed in France and manufactured either in Asia, or in Europe when  economic conditions allow.

In 2014, Realtrace became the first company to offer RFID readers connected to smartphones, Android and iOS. When associated with a mobile, the app’s scope expands, thanks to the possibilities offered by GPS and Bluetooth technologies available in current mobile devices.


Established in 2017, Atria Trading specialises in development, manufacture and distribution of syringes, chips, cannulas and injectors to veterinary practices in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Asia.

Atria Trading is the first company offering biodegradable products manufactured in Europe.

Realtrace and Atria Trading merged in early 2020, combining their business strengths to better combat product competition from Asia.

Acquiring a Realtrace/Atria product brings the guarantee of a reliable, innovative product, designed and largely manufactured in Europe that is both eco-friendly and at the lowest price.