About us

About us

Realtrace has been in business for over 10 years. In 2003, after selling his previous company to a large French group, Gérard Michot, pioneer in France of RFID in the 90s, along with two associates Paul Finet and Luke Lecottier, created Realtrace. The company is exclusively dedicated to tracking using low-frequency (125/133kHz) and UHF "electronic chips".

Since its creation, more than two million transponders and over a hundred thousand readers have been sold throughout the world. In 2015, over 80% of Realtrace's turnover was generated from exports.

All RFID readers are designed in France and manufactured in either Asia or in Europe whenever the economic conditions are favourable. Syringes and transponders are manufactured in Europe.

Realtrace recently extended its activities to the design of connected systems such as the Mini Tracker, the smallest global tracking device available on the market (- 25 g). This device can locate a person, an animal, a vehicle, a work of art, etc. across the planet in roughly twenty seconds using a phone.

To build a better connected world for the future, Realtrace has now released its V8Mobile reader associated with a mobile phone, this RFID reader opens up a whole range of possibilities using GPS, Bluetooth and NFC, as well as the cloud databases that can be accessed via a phone.

Purchasing a Realtrace product guarantees a reliable product that combines the best technology at the lowest cost.